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Video – 100 Ferrari in the United Arab Emirates

Nearly 100 Ferrari was in the same place. Pretty incredible, don’t you think? That’s why I want to show you this in a great video. And if you don’t realize where this could happen, I must tell you that this “parade” was held where else than in the United Arab Emirates! Video – 100 Ferrari […]

Limited edition Vauxhall Corsa & Astra VXR

In these difficult times, which unfortunately, or fortunately (depends on which side of the barricade are you) began to be felt in all countries, it is easier to not put soul on special edition models, like Vauxhall Astra and Corsa, because they have only some extra hp and a few different elements of design. Nothing […]

Lamborghini doors on that Es-ca-lade

So said the rapper 50 Cent in a video-or the while leading an Escalade with the doors open, of course up. But this time, the text does not match, because the car is a Mercedes-Benz GL. Kit LSD is offered by German tuner ART and likely will impress anyone. And not so kit itself, but […]