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How To Use an Electric Winch to Tow a Car

You never know when you’ll need an electric winch in your life, which is why most responsible people are always prepared. One of most effective and common uses for these winches is to tow a car that happens to be stuck (in mud, over an embankment, in the desert). But how exactly do you use a winch to tow a car? It’s not difficult, but you want to make sure you take the proper steps to ensure the safety of people nearby, and the well being of your cars.


  1. Protection. Always make sure you wear gloves. The wire rope in the electric winch can cut your hands and lead to infections.
  2. Gears. Disengage the gears of the winch and pull the wire rope from the recovery car (or machine) with the winch, to the car that needs towing.
  3. Recovery points. Hook the wire rope to the recovery points on the stuck vehicle, and ensure its security.
  4. The walk back. Now walk back from the car-to-be-towed to the recovery vehicle, while carrying the wire rope in your gloved hand. This will give you the opportunity to ensure that there are no breaks, tangles, or loose ends in the rope.
  5. Engage gears. Don’t forget your gears were disengaged so that you could bring the wire rope to the car to be towed. Now you must engage your gears.
  6. The remote. Now it’s time to plug the remote into your electric winch motor. Most remotes have two options (pull or extend). Obviously, in this instance, you want to start pulling. Be sure to stop pulling when the wire rope is fully extended.
  7. Add weight. Here’s a step many people skip. Add weight (like another rope) to the center of your extended wire rope. The purpose of this is to force the direction of the wire rope downward in case it snaps (rather than wildly, and potentially hurting someone or something nearby).
  8. Return to pulling. Now you can return to your remote and begin to pull the stuck vehicle toward your recovery vehicle.
  9. Roll up wire rope. Once your vehicle is unstuck, you can unhitch the wire rope, and roll it back into your electric winch.

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Use A Broker To Handle Your Business Investment

When people want to purchase or invest in businesses, they need to make sure that they are using a broker. A company like http://performancebrokerageservices.com/ will allow the investor to complete the sale safely, and the broker can protect the seller in the process. The broker is an impartial professional who handles the negotiation, contract and money exchange during the sale process.

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The Negotiations

When someone is planning on buying a business, they are going to shell out a great deal of money. They need to work with a broker who can help mediate the negotiation on the price of the business. The broker can help both parties come to an agreement, and the broker will make it much easier for both sides to get the negotiations done quickly.

The Contract

The broker will write up a contract that both parties can agree to, and then both parties can sign in the presence of the broker. The broker makes sure that the contract is witnessed and notarized, and the broker will submit the contract to any regulatory agencies that need to see it. Continue reading



Bicycle ride is the favorite sport for all the fitness freaks. If you are keen on doing exercises, or you are an ardent bike rider, then you must have a standardized and a good quality of bike. It will give you comfort while riding. If you have the bike at your house then evidently, you must have a bike rack for its commutation.


The manufacturers and the owners of the SUV, maintain a level of excellent quality of their vehicle, compared to the other cars. They are far more expensive, than the other vehicles. The owners are constantly worried about getting it painted, or keeping it clean or the servicing of its body. It would be a catastrophe for the owner, if the car gets a dent due to some accident. The SUV is a huge vehicle, and it does not allow any small unit to be on its rooftop.

Rack on an SUV

Have a look at this option of racks. They are quite reasonable in price and will give you your desired size of rack.

The Hitch Bike Rack

This bike rack is quite apt for the SUV. There is a distance maintained, between the placement of the rack and the vehicle’s body. So, there would be less chances of hitting of the equipment on the body of the vehicle. These racks are attached to the SUV with a bar or a bolt. They are harmless, and do not pose any threat to the users. They are designed in such a manner that, more than 2 bicycles can be transported easily.

Rear Tired Mounted Bike Rack

The SUV’s have a spare tire attached to it back. The rack of the bicycle is positioned, at the front of this tire with plastic hooks and leather strips. As, the edges of the rack are sharp, they are covered with soft pads to prevent the car from any visible damage. This kind of racks can carry 3 bicycles at one go.  If you wish to sit behind the car, you won’t be able to enjoy the full- view as the rack would block half of the view.  You can also opt for the bicycle racks, on roofs of the vehicle. For that, you just need the crossbars to be fixed on the rooftop of the SUV.

Things to Consider While Buying Rack

  • Pay attention to the capacity of load bearing of the bike rack. They have difference in ability, to hold the number of bikes. There are racks, which can only hold up to 2 bikes, whereas other racks are built in such a manner that, they can carry 5 bikes at a time. Such racks are usually very expensive. You can buy according to the number of bikes, you wish to carry.
  • The size of the hitch receiver is important, when you are selecting the hitch mount for your bicycle. It is generally compared, with the standard of your vehicle. The size of the hitch receiver ranges from 2 inches, to one fourth inches. Make sure that you choose the unit, according to the size of the hitch and its load bearing power.
  • You can use the rear tire mount, if you have a spare tire attached at the back of your vehicle.
  • The designs of the bike rakes are made to carry different bike frames. Some designs can only carry children or women’s bicycle.
  • The rack should be sturdy and constructed with metal, for the sake of transportation and to avoid occupational hazards.
  • The rack should be bought in a warranty period.

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