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Kids like adults while driving a car

Have you observed that kids act like adults while doing special activities, like playing with toys or driving a car? Or adults act like kids? The following video speaks by itself: Now you have to tell us if kids act like adults or adults act like kids while driving a car!

Video- Impressive Drifting from Monticello Motor Club

The Monticello Motor Club has a “beautiful” collection with powerful cars and in this video they want to present amazing drifting scenes for car lovers. Driftul, acum mai spectaculos ca niciodata! Filmele din 4TuningTV doar pe 4Tuning.ro I want to ask you what do you think about it and if you love driftings?

Video – Nissan JUKE lights in the nights

This is the newest video with Nissan Juke making cool lights in the night. What do you think about it?

Amazing Car Racing in Paris

I’ve found this amazing video on theautotube.com and I think you should see it, because this is the most impressive and amazing race stunts made. The care used is a racing Ford Fiesta ST and it was made at the L’Autodrome de Linas in Paris, France.

Nissan Juke Ad Video

“Twinkle Twinkle Nissan Juke” is the name for the advertising campaign for all-new Nissan Juke Sport Cross vehicle. This video presents that all-wheel drive agility and handling meets turbo charged performance.

Video – New Chevrolet Spark

Here you can watch the latest advertising video with the new Spark. This small car designed for the city traffic comes with innovative design, 5 doors and smart features. Watching the video I can see that this car offers as much fun as it can.