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How to do a vehicle safety check before a long journey


If you’re preparing for a long journey in your car, then it’s wise to plan your trip ahead of time in order to reduce the stresses. Far too many drivers set off without even the basic of safety checks, with an estimated three-quarters of drivers admitting that they set off on long journeys without completing […]

Useful information for car owners – the most unsafe areas of London


Car safety is one of the main issues, people worry about and it is not strange. If your vehicle is not secure enough, you may experience very unpleasant or even frustrating and stressful situations. A large number of British Population is a victim to car theft, where they lose their valuables and also large amounts […]

These Unique Car Safety Features Will Blow Your Mind!


There’s no question that automotive technology is developing at an increasingly high rate. It seems like it was only a few years ago that heated seats and rear-view cameras were seen as luxury upgrades, and now you can get them on almost any make and model! As these once high-end upgrades have filtered down into […]

Infographic: Car Safety For New Parents

Being a new parent is not an easy task. My sister-in-law is 9 months and a half pregnant and the little munchkin doesn’t seem to want to come out. So she can surely confirm that the stress reaches its peaks when you are waiting for the star of the show to come into this world. […]