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Tire Wear – How Often Should You Really Be Changing Your Tires?


The different parts of your car each have a lifespan. You probably start looking for the best car battery prices every four years or so when you need a replacement. You may think that the useful life of your tires can be measured entirely by tread depth. However, the age of the tires also plays a […]

How can you alter your car for your mobility needs?

Motability specialists, Lookers, who have a variety of cars for sale, join us to explain just how exactly you can alter your car to fit your mobility needs. Joining a Motability scheme is a great tool for anyone who has a disability to be able to continue their everyday life. However, although many know they […]

The scale of the UK’s issue with potholes


It is very likely that you’ll encounter a pothole or two while on a road trip anywhere across the UK at the moment. The government is aware of the issue and is aiming to put plans in place to bring the number of these road defects down considerably. Chancellor Philip Hammond announced during the 2018 […]

A drive down memory lane — classic cars from around the world

Although automobile technology is rapidly evolving — in recent years we have seen the introduction of driverless innovations, self-parking vehicles and luxury features such as heated seats and surround sound. But, for many, vintage cars cannot be beaten. Older automobiles were designed differently – their flowing lines and curves unlike the cars of today. And, […]

Don’t Get Left With A Lemon: The Used Car Buyer’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Picture here Cars, they are one of the most expensive purchases we can make, right? In fact, there are some models that you can buy new that is as much as a small house; it’s pretty crazy! However, you don’t have to spend your left savings on a vehicle, especially if you buy one second […]

Keeping Your Cool at a Car Auction


Image Credit If you’re thinking of going to a car auction here are some tips on how to get your head right and ensure you keep your cool at the auction.  Whilst this article is less about how to buy a car there are aspects of advice that are just as relevant for bidding on […]

How To Find The Right Family Car


Image source: Children asleep in the car If you’re looking to find a new car that caters to the family, there are a lot of things to take into consideration so that you can find exactly what you need. Everyone will have their own criteria, but here are the most common things that are put […]

How Is The Automotive Industry Changing


If you look back to where the automotive industry started, then you’ll realise how much it has changed. We now have the highest powered cars we’ve ever had, and it just keeps changing at an alarming rate. The engineering and technology that now goes into cars is just incredible. Whilst a lot of it is […]

Six Car Noises You Don’t Want to Ignore


We’ve all been there – you’re driving around town, when suddenly you notice a strange noise coming from your car. Your first hope is that it goes away – perhaps a stick became caught underneath the car, and will dislodge itself as you drive. Often though, we aren’t that lucky, and strange noises from our […]

The Faux Pas Of A First-Time Driver

  Image Source: Every driver has to start somewhere, and it’s fair to say that all motorists make a few mistakes in their early experiences of the road. In many ways, this is simply part and parcel of the learning curve. Then again, some faux pas should be avoided, especially as the technology and information […]

Cycle Vs Motorcycle: Which Is The Best For You?

For so many of us speed freaks, there is little doubt in your mind which is better. After all, owning a motorcycle means you can get to places quickly and with a bit more style. But think about it, is one safer than the other? And not just when it comes to style, but which […]

Why Is An Attorney Actually Needed After The Vehicle Accident?


Obviously, car accidents are truly terrifying, especially when some sort of injury appeared after the impact took place. In most cases the problems only start with the accident since there is a need to deal with injuries, the authorities and the financial problems that appear. The vehicle is wrecked but we have income losses, medical […]