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5 Things You Should Do After Buying a New Car

For some people, buying a new car is a significant achievement whether it happens to be their first or third car. This can especially be true when they have the opportunity to buy the car of their dreams. If you’ve recently purchased one, then it certainly may be worth celebrating. Aside from celebrating, there are […]

What Should I Look For When Renting a Car?

Renting an exotic car is not a life-altering decision, but it’s still one that takes a bit of time and consideration. Comparing companies, evaluating costs, and determining insurance are steps that should be taken before committing to one vehicle. When it comes to renting your car, many people are unaware that three companies own over […]

Is your car insurance still valid during a red weather warning?

In February, large parts of the UK were hit with the dreaded “beast from the east”, as unexpectedly high snowfall and frosty winds severely disrupted travel across the country. The UK’s Met Office even issued a red weather warning, its highest weather warning, for Scotland. In the wake of this warning, rumors spread that car […]

5 Tips to getting the best deal on your car insurance premium


Cost of living expenses are constantly on the rise while pay increases or raises are on the decline. It is harder than ever to meet ends meet with one job; so much so that many are going out to pick up a second job for extra cash. One of the expenses that continues to rise […]

What Type of Car Insurance Do You Need?


When you need to insure your vehicle, it can be confusing to figure out how much coverage you need and what types of coverage you need. In most states, by law, you need minimal coverage. However, this is usually not enough to actually protect you if you get into an accident. That is why insurance […]

You Won’t Believe These Things Alter Your Car Insurance Premium!


Image Source More often than not when you purchase a car, the initial price isn’t the issue you need to contend with. It’s everything that comes after that which decides whether you can afford to buy and if it’s worth it. For instance, you might be able to purchase a car for two and a […]

How Much Should You Help Your Kids With Their First Car?

When it comes to helping your kids get their first car, opinions run the gamut regarding how much help to be. On the one hand, you’ve got the sink-or-swim parents who can’t or won’t provide any aid whatsoever, because suffering builds character or whatever. On the other hand, you’ve got the parents who have a […]

Why Bare-Bones Auto Insurance is a Sham

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As you probably know from experience, auto insurance can be incredibly expensive. Some people spend as much as a few hundred dollars every month on auto insurance for just one car. This translates to a few thousand dollars a month for auto insurance. In hopes of saving money, many drivers opt to just pay for bare-bones […]

Are you Looking for Cheap Car Insurance? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself [Infographic]


With so many Insurance Company ads shouting and singing at us “we’ve got the cheapest insurance”, shopping around for the right product can be a mind-bending experience – and like many things in life what seems like a cheap deal upfront doesn’t always turn out that way in the long run. In this infographic we […]

Car Insurance Myths Debunked!

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In most countries around the world, car insurance is a mandatory and messy web of legal speak that car owners have to disentangle before they can burn some rubber on the road. That is too bad, because while it can be somewhat convoluted (as any system of technical insurance or bureaucracy can be), it is […]

How To Get Your Car Winter Ready


Winter weather can be harsh and unpredictable. It has the ability to catch even the most experienced motorists off guard. It’s important that we all get our car’s prepared for the imminent cold weather. Here are just a few tips, to ensure you and your family are safe to drive this winter. Have a Winter […]

Why You May Be Looking for Cheap SR22 Insurance in California


An SR22 is proof that you are financially responsible. Your insurance company will send it to the DMV in order to tell that you have insurance. This is often required if you have had your license revoked after a DUI or an accident, for instance. When the DMV has your SR22, they know that you […]