Getting your BMW Ready for the Winter With an ECU Remap


With news that Britain is due to face increasingly cold winters, it is perhaps time to start thinking about what you can do to your BMW to make it more efficient during the extreme winter conditions before they get here. Although BMW’s are indeed very trustworthy vehicles, it is often […]

Get the Cheapest Cars for Sale in Chicago!


  Chicago is one of the most beautiful and most populated cities in the US. It offers so many beautiful places and recreational locations that you simply cannot resist its sweetness. Its climate, wonderful landscapes and architecture are famous among the lovers of this city, but the entertaining nightlife, the […]

A Killer Show at the King of Europe Drift Event!


What is there to do when you are offered a gorgeous video of an amazing drifting competition that has everything you could ever desire: fabulous cars, hot chicks and a lot of “horsies”? Well, I will tell you what you can do: sit down and watch it. You are going […]

Price Announcements for BMW at the NY Auto Show


Let the show begin! The 2012 New York Show began with wonderful premiers, one of the brands being the amazing BMW. With excellent reviews, the German manufacturer announced the prices of its best products. We start with the facelifted 2013 X6M which can be found in the US  dealerships in […]