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Sixty To Zero: The Cars With The Best Stopping Distance

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

If there is one thing that we learned for our practical driving test that we hope to never have to use, it is the emergency stop. This is not because it is a difficult manoeuvre – in fact, it is probably the easiest thing we have to learn for our driving test – it is […]

Most Unlikely Hot Hatches

Car Keys just released some concepts for some hot hatches we’d love to see, but will most likely never make it to the production line. You can see all the designs here: Most Unlikely Hot Hatches Some of Ford’s cars have never quite hit the mark, namely its Ka city car which has had a […]

Give in to the Blue Devil!

The Devil doesn’t only wear Prada, but can also come in a Blue Dress, right? At least this is what we can say about the latest BMW M3 project signed by the guys at K3 Projekt. As it was already suggested, the name of this exciting tuning is “The Devil in the Blue Dress ” […]

Awesome Tuning For BMW M3!

It is BMW timeeeee! For all the BMW enthusiasts there, we have good news: a new G-Power tuning kit has made its way in order to increase the power of the M3. This package increases the factory 3.2-liter six-cylinder powerplant to 450 PS and 460 Nm of torque.From 107 PS and 95 Nm of torque […]

BMW M3 CRT Review and Photos

BMW finally unveiled the newest and youngest member of the M3 family, BMW M3 CRT. First of all, we have to specify that CRT name comes from Carbon Racing Technology, so it’s normal for the new BMW M3 CRT to fully enjoy the carbon fiber elements and many elements from concepts, as BMW 328 Hommage […]

BMW M3 LightWeight

The Bavarian Motor Works has recently arranged a small scale and journalist only showcase for their new M3 lightweight. The new M3 lightweight is a sporty saloon of small size. Scheduled for the Nurburging race of 24 hours, the M3 lightweight, is a custom version of the M3 GTS from the brand. There will be […]

BMW PickUp

The guys from Bavarian Motor Works, have recently unveiled their pick up. Lot more wondering, undoubtedly, this pick up is the modified form from the M3 series. Officially coded as the fourth generation body variant, the M3 pick up from BMW, is tested on track to perform great by consumers. BMW PickUp The V8, 4.0 […]

Another Perfect Job: BMW M3 by IND Tuning

Tuning cars is a lot of creative and technical work and IND knows too well how to make a good one so when asked to update the BMW M3, the company never fell short of brilliant with the execution. BMW M3 by IND Tuning This particular upgrade has a ton of upgrades just on the […]

BMW M3 by Onyx Concept

BMW M3 is a beautiful and powerful car and a tuning kit from Onyx Concept can transform it in the perfect car. The car was modified at the interior and at the exterior and now it has all it needs. At the exterior we have new front spoiler, new and big rear spoiler, new hood […]

BMW E92 M3 by Eisenmann and HRE

We don’t know much about this amazing tuning BMW, but we have the essential info. The car wears 20” HRE 790R and Bridgestone RE050A Pole Position wheels.

New BMW M3 Special Edition

BMW released few photos with the special edition of M3 that will be launched only on the Northern American market and we don’t have many details about it. The only things that can be observed are the 19 inch alloy rims from Competition Package and the black and red leather interior. I hope we will […]

News about BMW M3 GTS-R

It seems that BMW M3 GTS-R will be newest model from BMW, model that will celebrate the victory from the 2010 24-Hour Race at the Nurburgring – Nordschleife on Sunday (with the M3 GT2). This new model will probably be matte-black and will have a V8 4.4 liter engine with 450 hp (331 kw) and […]