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Best hybrid cars to buy 2019

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

With the looming petrol and diesel ban, a hybrid car could be the right choice for you before we become an all-electric world. Hybrid cars usually combine a combustion engine with an electric motor which reduces the amount of air pollution and has greater fuel economy for the driver. There are many benefits to owning […]

Best 3 cars of 2014


The new car market is improving all the time, whatever your budget. From increasingly tiny city cars to sumptuous 4x4s, the options really are dizzying. But how do you know which cars are the ones to look out for on the forecourt in 2014? Well, we’ve read all the reviews, collated the data and come […]

BMW i8 turns electric!

The 2011 LA Auto Show which has recently ended brought plenty of gorgeous and fully updated cars. Among them we find the resonant name of the BMW brand which has managed to surprise us once again with its uniqueness. BMW i8 formerly known as Vision EfficientDynamics is one of the full hybrid concepts that will definitely […]