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Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition by Kicherer

Kicherer is a great German tuner that focused its attention on the latest model from Mercedes, the SLS AMG. This tuner changed the aspect of the car, and also the performance of it. The new model has matte black paint, new front spoiler made of carbon fiber, side grilles and a new exhaust system, which […]

Porsche Panamera Black Edition by Techart

Techart tuning firm surprised us (in a pleasant way) with the new aero kit for Porsche Panamera, called the Black Edition. Porsche Panamera Black Edition by Techart Black is not for everyone, because it means great experience, autonomy and power; that’s why the new model was painted in matt black and its Techart 22 inch […]

Black Edition Corvette Z06

Geigercars is known for the passion they have for U.S. models and a show once again with the Chevrolet Corvette Black Edition. If you live in Europe and you’ll be tuning a car of American equipment you don’t have too much to search. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and all known American cars can find a […]