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The Best Cars For Tuning for 2013


If you want to own a fast car, you have two options at your disposal. You can either choose to buy such a car, or get one that is not so fast and make it fast yourself. Buying it would be the easier, simpler choice, but it’s not nearly as fun as buying a regular […]

2014 Audi TT Spy Picture

Car Magazine has surprised a few of the pictures associated with the early prototype of the third generation Audi TT for 2014 on test throughout Europe because Audi prepares its brand new coupe for development. Photo Credit: Car Magazine The vehicle s imply searching front, boasts a hexagonal single-frame grille, a pair of large low-mounted […]

9ff Porsche GT9 at 409 kph

The 600.000€ supercar, 9ff Porsche GT9, has managed to surpass Bugatti Veyron, reaching the maximum speed of 409 kph, an amazing performance. Porsche’s project has started from a GT3, the engineers keeping some body elements, but completely modifying the engine, which now develops 987 bhp and reaches a torque of 964 lb/ft. 9ff Porsche GT9 […]

Amazing Audi TT Tuning

The car in the next image is the Audi TT tuned in an interesting way, like the iRobot car. I don’t know if I like the model, or not and I’m not sure that it has a better aerodynamic and a powerful engine. I could say that the front end is copied from the Bugatti […]

Audi TT: Serious bang for your buck

It is well known that Audi are the most technological of all car makers. They pride themselves on setting the standard for engineering and advancement, and while doing so they have made some truly magnificent cars. The Audi TT has long been seen as a bit of a poser’s car. Well that might be true, […]

Audi TT by Prior Design

For the latest draft, the German tuner Prior Design has taken the old Audi TT and transformed into an Audi R8 less. On the outside, the previous-generation coupe’s from Ingolstadt has received a new aerodynamic kit consists of a front spoiler, side thresholds and rear spoiler. Also, future customers may opt for a new set […]

Audi TT-S by MTM

Audi TT by MTM-S – Up to 380 HP and 494 Nm If 272 hp is not enough for the Audi TT-S, you have (at least) two solutions: opt for the Audi TT-RS, or opt for a package of MTM tuning. The latest version of Audi TT-S will have more power even than the TT-RS. […]