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Three Reasons Used Parts are A-Okay


Some people shy away from the prospect of using used parts, and for understandable reasons. Used parts have experienced wear and tear new parts haven’t, and they can oftentimes represent older designs. However, buying used parts and vehicles, even used truck cabs, can actually represent a very sound investment. The following are the three primary […]

Get the most out of DVLA Registrations

If you have bought a private number plate in the past you will have at some point crossed paths with the DVLA. Even if you haven’t bought DVLA registrations direct it is unavoidable to go without the DVLA, as they quite literally deal with every number plate transfer no matter new vehicle or new owner. […]

Fun driving at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show!

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show has come up with a new concept called Toyota Fun-Vii. Besides the fact that it has a very funny shape, this car is pretty amazing. You won’t believe it but when driving this car you will be able to link with cars that are in the nearest vicinity. And what […]