Give in to the Blue Devil!

The Devil doesn’t only wear Prada, but can also come in a Blue Dress, right? At least this is what we can say about the latest BMW M3 project signed by the guys at K3 Projekt. As it was already suggested, the name of this exciting tuning is “The Devil […]

Lincoln Navigator+ Anderson Germany=Perfect Couple

  Even more elegance if that were possible: Lincoln Navigator is being tuned by Anderson Germany and we like it. Following a black color line this SUV features dark tints on the rear, black wheels and of course….a black paint job.And if you look close enough you will also find […]

The Audi A1 Project

There is nothing better than a new project that can sustain everyone’s interest and  put our imagination at work. Eibach and its partner Bilstein agreed with this statement, so they started investing every resource into a new project called Audi  A1. The resulted car preserves the comfort and reliability that […]