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ABT S4 – Sport Beast


How MTM launched a package of tuning for the new Audi S4, rivals from ABT could not stand watching and presented their version, that is more powerful and faster! To start, 3.0 TFSI engine from 333 HP and 440 Nm has been modified and developed no less than 435 HP and 520 Nm. As a […]

VW Golf GTI by ABT


Under the hood, the engine 2.0 TSI 210 HP has been modified and comes in two versions of power: 260 HP (ECU plus exhaust system) and 300 HP (ECU, exhaust system, plus a new turbo). From the last version, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h decreases from 6.9 to 6.0 seconds. More than […]

Audi Q7 V12 TDI by ABT


The most powerful diesel SUV in the world is now even more powerful. This is german tuner ABT Sportsline, which held that the 500 horsepower and 1000 Nm are not enough. And so look, V12 TDI engine of 6.0 liters has now reached 560 hp and 1200 Nm. The result? SUV’s 2.6 tonnes accelerates from […]

New AS3 by ABT


A new body kit, an increase of power, lower suspension and a performance braking system. Or, more briefly, a package of tuning for the ABT Audi A3 Facelift. On the outside, the hatchback is notable now German new front grille, modified spoilers, air wings, the lateral limits and discharge drums with four exhausts. Also, future […]

ABT is presenting AS5 Cabrio

ABT, A5 convertible is redrawn and with more power. And do not forget to mention the new name – AS5 convertible. As summer is preparing to “strike”, ABT has taken as a convertible. A5 convertible, to be exact. For outside the car, German tuner prepared a new body kit consists of a new front grille, […]

Audi Q5 by ABT Sportsline

Update photo for Audi Q5 by ABT Sportsline. Audi Q5 by ABT Sportsline

VW Golf 6 by ABT Sportsline

Update Foto with VW Golf 6 by ABT Sportsline. VW Golf 6 by ABT Sportsline

Audi A7 Sportback by Pogea Racing

Audi A7 Sportback was preferred by other tuning firms, as MTM or ABT and now Pogea Racing is following them with impressive tuning package. Audi A7 Sportback by Pogea Racing was called Seven Sins and has two engine versions: the 3.0 TFSI has 345 hp at 495 Nm of torque (from 300 hp at 440 […]

Audi A5 Sportback by ABT

A new Audi, a new opportunity for us to “meet” the Abt Sportsline. What the Germans have changed this time? The new A5 Sportback! Starting with the exterior, we have a new body kit consisting of front grille, front spoiler, air intakes and rear speaker, which accommodates those four drums of the exhaust discharge. Of […]

Volkswagen Polo by ABT

ABT tuners are among the first who thought to offer something for the new Volkswagen Polo. Presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new product of the tuner is focused on 1.6 TDI and 1.2 TDI engines. 75 hp version was built to 90CP, while model 90 hp stock now generates […]

VW Golf 6 by ABT Sportsline

German tuner ABT Sportsline has prepared a package of tuning for the new Volkswagen Golf 6. To the outside, ABT Sportsline offers a body kit comprising front grille; Spoil the front and rear, side and aileron thresholds. The list of changes contains new rims, a new suspension and performance braking system. And that’s not all: […]

Audi RS6 by ABT Sportsline

Audi RS6 sedan has revealed this week, but Germans tuners from ABT Sportsline have prepared a package for Avant tuning version. Even if 580 HP are enough for a quiet walk with family or friends, ABT increased engine power to 700 horse power and 800 Nm, making the RS6 Avant Abt one of the most […]