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I always considered a Porsche 997 a fast car, but some apparently do not reach the 480 HP already. Largest Porsche took into account this opinion, launching such a powerful GT2. Looks like the 530 HP model you were still insufficient, and that only benefit car hauling back.
American tuner Switzer Performance found a solution to all people impact, thus launching P800 Twin Turbo platform famous 911 Turbo.
800 HP and integral traction, 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, so it is pretty cool!
Where the fuck all these improvements?
Turbine GT30 custom, intercoolers Switzer Monster, electronic boost controller, custom ECU, modified exhaust and snakes, plus a clutch kit carbon.
The price of a copy has not been communicated.

Switzer Performance P800 – Porsche beast

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