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British tuner Project Kahn continues to attempt improvement of the perfect car and now brings us Carbon SLR McLaren.
With a perfect design, inspired by the “silver arrow” in Formula 1, German-British supercar not feels the need for aesthetic improvements. Part frontal as long “nose” which ends with the famous star, “gills” which side are like predators from the depths of, doors that open in the sense of butterfly wings, behind a bit short but imposing, shy aileron it exits from “home” or rims and design turbine wheels that spins … All these elements are perfectly harmonizes and make the SLR one of the most exotic models of the 21st century. Wait and you ask why you changed this pattern … Difficult to answer given, so jumping to changes.

SLR McLaren Carbon by Project Kahn

And yet, Project Kahn thought than before to modify this model. That is why, in the end left only a new set of wheels – 20 inches by 21 inches front and back – and black taillights. Certainly we have not talked seriously. This is the Project Kahn’s style, but with subtle changes in effect. Changes which, in fact, continue and interior in the form of insertions or carbon black piano at the steering wheel. And not only …
Of course, those from Project Kahn could not stop here and they really wanted to put the cherry on the cake. How else, if not with some exclusive accessories such as a key ring for keys or a golf umbrella handle of carbon fiber.

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