Should The Seat Leon Be Your Next Car?

When we think about car manufacturers, our minds tend to drift towards a few well-known ‘big’ names. You’ve got Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. But, there’s one Spanish manufacturer that’s starting to make a big name for itself. Seat are based in the Mediterranean and have started making great strides in the automobile industry. With a range of stylish and affordable cars, they’re a go-to brand for most people.



At the forefront of their success is the critically acclaimed Seat Leon. It’s become a top selling car, especially amongst families. Today, we take a look at this car and see why it’s such a popular choice amongst millions of people. What are the standout points, and should you consider buying one? Both of these questions will soon be answered in the article down below!

Performance & Handling

The first thing everyone wants to know about a car is whether or not it’s good to drive. How is the engine? And, does the car handle well? The Seat Leon comes with many different engines to choose from. The most basic of which is a 1.2-litre petrol one, that is surprisingly fun. It feels quite fast when you put your foot down, but you don’t get a spine-tinglingly awesome experience. But you have to ask yourself, is that what I’m looking for in this car? For me, the Leon is excellent on long drives and getting you places on time. It holds its own on a motorway, and you don’t feel like it takes much effort to get up to speed. If you do want some extra pace, you can pay more for a 1.6-litre petrol engine, or a 2-0 litre one that boasts over 260bhp! So, it’s got a great engine, but how does it handle? In my eyes, the Leon is a very comfortable car to drive. The suspension is seen in a few other cars, like the Audi A3, and it’s top notch. You get a very smooth ride and it irons out some of the small bumps you’ll hit in the roads. Regarding the steering, it’s nice and controlled, making it feel very responsive. There’s never a time where you feel like you’re struggling to make the car turn how you want it to. If performance and handling are your biggest concerns, then the Seat Leon has you covered.

Car Cost

One thing I noticed about the Seat Leon is that it’s a very affordable family car. You don’t have to worry about overspending because it fits within most people’s budget. The cheapest version of the new Leon represents incredible value for money. If you want a new car, this has to be on your radar for sure. Of course, there are more expensive versions available, if you want extra features and to pay a little more. And, plenty of used car dealers, like Imperial Car Supermarket, will offer slightly older Leon’s at a cut price. The great thing is, all Seat Leon’s have incredible build quality, so even used models are worth going for. Thanks to its low emissions, this car is also fairly cheap to run too.

Car Size

Seat have gone on record to say that the Leon is seen as a competitor to cars like the VW Golf and Ford Focus. And, you can see that the size of the vehicle is very similar to these two popular cars. It comes in at that perfect car size, not too big, but certainly not small. It’s ideal for families, or people that often drive around other people. There’s easily enough space for three children in the back or four adults. It’s a practical car too as there is a generous amount of room in the boot for all your shopping bags, etc. But, like I said, it’s not too big. You won’t struggle to drive this car and park it in tight spaces. You get a spacious interior, without having an oversized car.

Seat Leon III (rear quarter).JPG


Car Design

There’s something about the Leon that just looks cool. I’m a huge fan of the headlight design; it makes the car stand out and look a little mean too. Inside, you’ll find a pretty standard interior design. They haven’t tried to be too clever, and it ends up complimenting the car well. The dashboard is simple, making it easy to use, which is more than can be said for some of its rivals.

So, should you the Seat Leon be your next car? If you want an affordable family car that will do what you ask of it, then yes, it should be. It’s cheaper than a lot of its rivals and holds its own in terms of performance. Overall, a great car.