A new study reveals the cars that are being Googled the most for breakdown and fault advice 

Ford claims the unfortunate crown of being the least reliable manufacturer in the USA, having the most Google queries vs. cars sold 

However, the least reliable model owned in the USA is the Kia Stinger, followed by the Subaru Ascent and Chrysler Pacifica  

Ford has come out as the least reliable car manufacturer in the USA, according to a new study by Scrap Car Comparison that analysed the data of over 2 million Google searches.

When we encounter a problem with our car many of us turn to the internet for help, and this new study got under the bonnet of which particular car models are causing their owners to frequently turn to Google for troubleshooting assistance. The investigation analysed breakdown, fault and repair related search volumes for almost 500 different car models. The data was then cross-referenced with the sales figures for each model to achieve a fair comparison.  

The resulting Crap Car Comparison Index reveals that America’s second-largest auto-maker Ford is the least reliable, with over 64,000 Google searches logged per year from Ford owners looking for advice around a fault in their car. Mazda, Honda Nissan, whose cars are all produced across factories in the USA, Japan and Mexico feature in the top five manufacturers you can rely least upon. Brands such as GMC and Volkswagen fared better, sitting outside of the top 15 thanks to their comparatively low Google searches for problems vs. their high yearly sales. 


Rank Manufacturer USA Yearly Search Volume for Faults (accumulated from all models) Cars Sold Per Year 
  (Higher score = 
  Less reliable) 
Ford 64,100 2,028,000 31.60 
Mazda 21,740 1,243,005 17.48 
Nissan 72,590 4,930,000 14.72 
Lincoln 2,370 188,383 12.58 
Honda 56,940 4,800,000 11.86 
Kia 29,960 2,600,000 11.52 
Dodge 13,740 1,300,000 10.56 
Buick 11,760 1,213,000 9.69 
Subaru 9,960 1,100000 9.05 
10 Land Rover 5,110 579,000 8.82 
11 BMW 17,280 2,028,000 8.52 
12 Volvo 4,350 705,452 6.16 
13 Toyota 58,500 10,600,000 5.51 
14 Audi 8,300 1,692,773 4.90 
15 Hyundai 30,100 7,400,000 4.06 

In the USA, Ford, Mazda and Nissan are the car manufacturers that are getting the most Google searches for problems relating to their cars. Specifically, the Nissan Rogue and Nissan Titan are causing owners to constantly Google what’s wrong with them, as is the Mazda CX-9. While the sporty Kia Stinger takes the unfortunate crown of being the least reliable car in the states, with relatively low sales figures suffering against comparatively high search volumes for breakdown related searches! 


Rank Model USA Yearly Search Volume for Faults  Cars Sold All Time 
  (Higher score = 
  Less reliable) 
Kia Stinger 3,820 154,502 24.72 
Subaru Ascent 4,520 185,792 24.32 
Chrysler Pacifica 8,410 514,085 16.35 
Hyundai Veloster 3,400 228,161 14.90 
Mazda CX-9 5,000 381,451 13.10 
Buick Enclave 8,170 756,358 10.80 
Nissan Rogue 28,570 3,295,383 8.66 
Nissan Titan 5,160 608,704 8.477 
Acura RDX 4,220 624,651 6.75 
10 GMC Acadia 8,120 1,220,730 6.65 
11 Mini Cooper 34,220 5,300,000 6.45 
12 Dodge Durango 5,620 941,418 5.96 
13 Honda Pilot 12,050 2,092,033 5.75 
14 GMC Terrain 6,650 1,177,637 5.64 
15 Acura MDX 4,930 898,767 5.48 

Whilst Ford comes out as the worst car manufacturer (according to Google search data), none of its specific models actually make the top 15 least reliable car models in the USA. The reason then that Ford comes out so high is because it has so many models lower down the model rankings, for example, the Ford Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, Focus, Transit and EcoSport all feature in the positions 20-50 for worst models, and their combined Google searches put Ford in the top spot as the least reliable manufacturer. 

 Scrap Car Comparison’s research also looked at which cars were troubling owners overseas, and found that Vauxhall is the least reliable brand in the UK, while Kia’s ‘Stinger’ was also found to be the least reliable model in the likes of Australia and Canada. 

 Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison said: “As we see many of the same makes and models getting scrapped on a daily basis, we wanted to find out whether this stacked up against car reliability. The results seem to show that it does, as the Google search and sales data revealed Ford as the third least reliable brand in the UK, and most unreliable in the USA. This is something that particularly stood out to me, as Fords and in particular their Focus model, have been the most scrapped cars in the UK every year since 2017. We hope the results of our Crap Car Comparison Index can help car buyers in their decision making when looking for their next car.” 

 To see the full results of the study, including international analysis, visit:

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