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From 2010, Pontiac is officially dead! I know it sounds bad, but that’s the truth. However, tuners not remain indifferent and put on different projects that were in the plan, more or less, for the American brand. For example, the AUC or Trans Am Depot, this will make the new Camaro in Pontiac Trans Am.

Pontiac Trans Am from Lingenfelter
Pontiac Trans Am from Lingenfelter

And that’s not all. Lingenfelter will bring in Las Vegas at SEMA, a project the same. Based on the same Chevy Camaro 455 new TA will come under the hood with a 7.5-liter V8 capable of delivering not less than 655 horsepower and 827 Nm. Other goodies include Corsa exhaust, 20 inch rims on tires NITTO addition and custom interior.

Unfortunately, currently is only a concept alone. But if the car will go into production, we will talk about another reason for fans to make password Pontiac GM decision.

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