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Buying a car can be quite a challenge in a market that is crowded by various car brands. If you are planning to purchase, a car Parkers used car price guide can offer you valuable information. Whether you intend to buy a new or second hand car, the magazine comes in handy.

Parkers Used Car Price Guide

The following are reasons why you need to look at Parkers used car price guide before making any purchases.

• The magazine is affordable. You can get it for as little as £3.30.
• It is published every couple of months thus contains recent car market trends
• It is in simple to understand language
• It gives a review of every popular car model of both new and used cars
• The guide has a chooser page where new comers are guided on the best way to go about buying a car

Parkers used car price guide is a reputable UK based magazine. It is accredited for offering the most accurate and complete consumer guide in the car market. The guide was launched in 1972 and since then it has been serving clients diligently.

If you are intending to switch to a different car model, the magazine has a guide for you. In it, you will find:

• Details on best car deals of both used and new cars
• Counsel on what you should check on the actual vehicle before buying it
• Lists of the latest car models
• Helpful tips on importing a car
• Prices and other alternatives of the car model you choose

Details on best car deals of both used and new cars

Parkers used car price guide is written by experts in the car market. All information in the magazine is well researched by an independent team of experts in motor trade. The team includes vehicle specialists who do in depth research, then compile the information in an easy-to-grasp style. Here is where you will find a simplified explanation on car deals in the offing.

Counsel on what you should check on the actual vehicle before buying it

The magazine offers a checklist that you can use as you purchase your preferred car. Seeing the car on an advertisement is different from physically seeing it. The magazine thus dedicates to guiding you on what you should do after identifying a car model you like. Having the magazine is a small investment that can save you a fortune in your car budget.

Lists of the latest car models

This list includes classifieds on vehicles that are on sale. The lists are in categories of cars including luxury, sedan, convertible and wagon. Other categories include truck, SUV, hybrid/electric, minivan, diesel and coupe. The photos are accompanied by detailed descriptions of the categories. This information includes the engine capacity and strength.

Helpful tips on importing a car

Rules and strict regulations may at times make importing a car an uphill task. Costs might also cloud your decision-making capacity when planning to import a car. However, these factors should not make you imagine importing a car is impossible.

If you have a burning passion to drive an imported car Parkers, used car price guide is here to save the day. The magazine guides you on the steps you require to take in order import a car. It offers you an explanation as to why all the paperwork is necessary.

Prices and other alternatives of the car model you choose

You might want to sample other models that are closely related to the car model you have chosen. Parkers used car price guide y endeavors to list all the car models in the market. The magazine lists car makes from BMWs, Chevrolets to Ferrari. Other car makes include Cadillac, Ford, Honda, and jeep, Panoz, Isuzu and Toyota, to mention but a few.

The magazine dedicates a whole page for every model it reviews. The model’s color photo is placed at the top of each page followed by a brief description. This information enables you gauge how the vehicle is rated on the market. It also gives you a clear indication of the car’s reliability, its performance and comfort levels. Aside from all these, the magazine guides you on how that particular vehicle is valued in terms of cost, image and security aspects.

Other important features in the magazine

Aside from the experts’ reviews, Parkers used car price guide offers readers car owners reviews. Owner reviews, otherwise called consumer reviews are a great inspiration. Customer reviews are usually more trusted as they are the ones actually driving the cars. The hence know the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicles.

The magazine is available online as well. On registering, you can view many cars for sale simply by feeding in your postcode and town. The beauty of the online version of the magazine is that you get to have a 360-degree look at the car models. Video reviews of the car models are available here. Here is where you can look at the vehicle’s main features, its performance, diesel information and pricing.

Take time to look at Parkers used car price guide, before purchasing a car. It might save you time and money when making that important decision.