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Those from JMS wanted to improve the performance of a car that already looks very good, Opel Vectra OPC, and created a new tuning package. In terms of appearance, of JMS Opel Vectra OPC not been brought radical changes. They have worked instead on wheels, suspension and ECU.
JMS car added a new set of 19 inch wheels and the suspension was changed to a set of H & R springs to lower the guard of soil approximately 45 mm in front and 35 mm in back.
Unit ECU has been reprogrammed and now the car that we talk about developing 285CP and 480Nm of torque.

Opel Vectra OPC by JMS

The prices for improvements of the JMS Opel Vectra OPC’s are as follows: 799 euros for added horsepower and Nm, 2200 Euro to wheels, set of springs and he was 198.90 euros.
That being said I will let you to say what you think about this tuning package.

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