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Lexmaul is German tuner specialized in Opel models. His last work aims Opel GT Roadster, a car already dedicated to performance. Opel GT has a propeller 2 liter turbo, which comes from the Astra OPC, if OPC engine that develops 240 HP; in GT he reaches the 264 HP. And all can be more, say those from Lexmaul, who walked at least electronically, replacing the exhaust and have managed to remove the engine no less than 312 HP. Maximum torque rose from his 353 Nm to 440 Nm.
Suspension vehicle was low with 30 mm and rims series have been replaced with a 20 inch front and 21 inch rear. Unfortunately the Germans did not say anything about increasing performance, but they should be noticeably better than the version number considering the gain of 48 HP.

Opel GT by Lexmaul

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