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Inden Design is back to the start… The German company is so excited about his first Mercedes as it shows us, in about 20 years away … Even if there is an S-Class of ’83 and in ’91, creation of Haiger tuner and impress our days. Not only by its forms, but also with the 6.0 liters engine and 386 horsepower. Especially if you count among fans of old school cars.
Established itself in the face of the front grille painted black, S’s benefits from great wings, glazed with soft and large wheels (10.5 x 18 inches front and 12.5 x 18 rear) fitted with tires Pirelli “P Zero “(255/35 R18 front and 315/30 R18 rear). As he looks good an S-Class, the interior is “padded” with Nappa leather and wood, to which add a set of front seats König.

Old Mercedes S-Class by INDEN Design

Under the hood lies a 386 hp 6.0 liter pistons fitted with 100 mm of a 560 SE. Changelog ends with a lower suspension, dual exhaust and a performance braking system with discs 352 x 32 mm, which is found on the C-site of the 1991 DTM.

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