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The new Nissan GT-R is one of the most technologically advanced sports cars to hit the general market. Some have compared driving it on the streets/track to driving it in a video game, called GranTurismo. While it may feel as though the car drives itself at times and provide less Drivers-Response than a BMW or Porsche, the GT-R is still the most exciting car coming out in 2008. Pushing out 480-hp and 430-torque and sporting AWD the Nissan GT-R is a true bargain of a Supercar starting at $ 69,850. Plus, Nissan shut down much of their racing investments for 2008 so that they could focus their full attention to supporting and training for the maintenance of their most exquisite sports car.

Nissan GT-R

4 thoughts on “Nissan GT-R

  1. This is a great car, Uncle B. A car doesn’t have to be practical. And the whole world is not in a recession, just because your president fu**d YOUR economy..

  2. Nice, now sell me a car with less planned obsolescence, no cancer causing benzine molecules needed, a design center longer than the payment plan, and a practical use for the recession we are in!

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