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A car known for its versatility in terms of tuning, Nissan 350Z still fall as a “victim” in tuner hands. But this time, the result is pleasant to my eye. The copy below was “arranged” by Xtrem Shop Caballero, who used an external kit from Ibherdesign and Eurolineas spoiler, all which are complemented by matte black paint.

Nissan 350Z

The engine wasn’t modified, the only difference being the Greddy complete evacuation and airride suspension. Okay, okay, do not forget the TSW wheels on 20 inch, which offers the image of “bad boy” to the car.
The interior, although a little stock, benefits from Premium equipping, two “fireworks” were exchanged with an LED display and an A’PEXI controller. Looking very good, the car it’s pretty impressive, without any bad-taste elements.

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