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So Tesla motors may be stealing all the glory, but BMW are coming out with some real game changers in luxury driving. This post takes a look at what new technologies the BMW 7-Series has to offer – and it’s certainly a lot.

BMW 7-Series Sedan

This model isn’t for the traditionalist when it comes to the BMW driving experience. If you’d rather do without all the bells and whistles and choose a classic model, this car is not for you. The 7-Series boasts a huge list of innovative technological features that might take some getting used to. Overall, the new tech sets a precedent for other manufacturers to aim for in terms of its driving dynamics.


First of all, the body structure is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic to at once keep its weight low, and for reinforcement. The carbon core chassis reduces flex and improves the handling due to its lower centre of gravity. This design has been proven to be highly effective, and Audi are taking note to improve their A8 in a similar fashion.

The Drive

The car’s two-axle air suspension comes as standard and takes into account body weight and driving style to optimise for performance in Adaptive Mode. The lane keeping assistant keeps you on the right track at up to 130mph due to the Connected Drive technology. The Executive Drive Pro feature makes use of the active chassis components to work with the speed and road conditions to keep the balance right.

Parking Revolutionised

If that isn’t enough for you, this is a car that parks itself. The key fob has its own display which can be used as a remote control for this purpose – a real first. Complete with the ‘welcome light carpet’, ground lighting that shines out in the dark and helps you find your way to your parked car.

Even More Features:

  • Gesture control on the displays
  • New radiator grille to improve emissions and aerodynamics
  • Higher definition map navigation
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Intelligent voice system
  • Wireless charging as well as USB ports
  • Table in passenger area
  • Laserlight headlamps to avoid glare and illuminate up to 600 metres ahead
  • Internet access

According to Reuters, ‘BMW said it would focus on developing the businesses of high-definition digital maps, sensor technology, cloud technology and artificial intelligence’, whilst also ‘streamlining its portfolio of cars to focus on the most profitable models.’ This points to BMW taking note of market demand as well as factoring in the inevitability of new tech. There will even be a hybrid plug in ‘eDrive’ version of the 7-Series brought out in the near future – watch this space.