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Honda HSV-010 is not just for Honda circuit car, but will evolve into a supercar designed to take place of the latest Honda NSX.

New Honda HSV – The Future Race Car

We’ve expected from Honda not to throw money on developing new circuit model, because they have to profit from its commercialization, too. The Nippon’s from Honda have found a smart idea of testing this feature supercar, by putting it in the Super GT Race. Its debut wasn’t that good, because it had an accident, so there are a lot of improvements to make.

New Honda HSV – The Future Race Car

Sources say that the street version will be slightly different version of the circuit one; that will not have a central engine, but one placed front, as seen on Lexus LF-A model.

New Honda HSV – The Future Race Car

Likewise, no 5.0-liter V8 engine is credited with too many opportunities to reach mass production and they will probably opt for a smaller engine supplemented by an electric motor.

For more info we have to wait.

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