New Ford Fiesta SportVan launched in Great Britain

For those Brits who want to have personal transportation in the city, but also benefit from a bit of air sports, Ford introduced the Fiesta Van.
This car is also the smallest commercial vehicle produced by Ford and looks away from an almost three-door Fiesta; only benefit from increased capacity of transport of goods.
Spokesperson for the company’s U.S. arguments that contradicted this model would be only a last-minute addition to the range of existing cars Ford, stating that the model in question is in the plans of designers and engineers more time.

Ford Fiesta SportVan

Given the removal of the rear glass panel with non-transparent and more solid and removing the rear seats, Fiesta Van provide 1,000 cubic liters of space and a loading capacity of between 490 and 515 kg.
Ford will offer the Fiesta Van with two engines: a gas of 1.25 liters and 82 HP diesel engine and 1.6 liters and 90 HP. Price for Fiesta Van start at 9.025 pounds for the poorest version of the family.

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