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Car Keys just released some concepts for some hot hatches we’d love to see, but will most likely never make it to the production line.

You can see all the designs here: Most Unlikely Hot Hatches

Some of Ford’s cars have never quite hit the mark, namely its Ka city car which has had a chequered history with the critics since it first appeared in its original teapot form in 1996.


With the Honda Jazz Type R, you’ll never again have to worry about getting stuck behind your grandma. Instead, all you whippersnappers will have to worry about is keeping up!


It’s widely expected that the next BMW M3 will feature a hybrid electric powertrain, such is the nature of car building these days as manufacturers look to boost performance and economy.


The original Mk1 Golf GTi made history by packing seat of your pants performance into a tiny and lightweight underpinning.