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Why go to clubs and discos if you can have everything in your car? In this way the owner of a Mitsubishi Eclipse thought.
The car was designed exclusively for shows, outside being worked by “Mlin tuning”.
Custom paint, rims Koning on 20 “and GAS air ride, these are first tuning news.
As for the inside, there is much to say, or rather to be seen. Leather and wool covers everything, starting with and ending with OMP seats all throughout the interior.
But, the most important part of this project is one audio line. Designed and implemented entirely by a company specialized in the field, this is a key element of the entire article.

Mitsubishi Eclipse – mobile disco

It consists, on the inside, from a central DVD Mex-1, Rainbow speakers KX130C two systems placed on board Rainbow SLC265 fixed in door panels.
Behind the car, things become rather more complicated, because in the trunk find almost anything. Starting with two subwoofers the size of Rainbow Hammer 12″, four amplifiers, Kraftwerk Rae in 2150 and Sony XM 125.
All installation is lifted by a special mechanism, which set the speakers and monitor to exact position only when the cover is moved to open.
Overall, the car is worked up to the smallest detail and even if you have some tendency to “fall into sin”, the result is one beautiful.

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