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We all waited for the Mercedes S600 by MBM Tuning. After many sleepless nights, the guys brought it to light.
As any car modified by MBM Tuning, this Mercedes is the result of a team. Some have lost their bets, trying to guess the model lies in the external kit. Many suspected, but they came to believe … To take a limo in business class and turn it into an aggressive sport is quite a challenge. Most of the MBM passed it with flying colors, every time.
Kit outer Asma Eagle One and contains front bumper and grille, front hood, thresholds, wings front and rear bumper. Due to its outstanding picture, It has been nicknamed “Phantom”. The ghost is real but it-looks and all! But nobody is scared, everyone is happy to give her eyes.

Mercedes S600 by MBM

The appearance is complemented by modified headlamps with black interior, chrome mirrors and air intake on the bonnet and front wings (custom made). On the trunk is a small spoiler Brabus. It can be very helpful, if we take into account the speed displayed on the digital console Brabus: 360 km / h! Tomorrow-tomorrow compete with Veyron. The car was based on an S600 V12 B Turbo, which had 517 hp stock. MBM team was not satisfied with that, it was expected … They “got” paan at 647 hp.
Discharges are of great effect. We hear, see and feel them to be complete, feel powerful gas blast leaving the drums. Inlet filter works better because of sports. Evacuation is catalytic and sports flaps that open to the turbo pressure. It comes with the factory pneumatic suspension. It was, however, changed, so that you get off the car to the fullest.
Phantom” has style, no joke! Great 22” rims made especially for this car. Are “boots” on 10.22 tires front and 12.22 in the rear.
Sport character dominates car on the outside of the front grille, imposing, aggressive outlets to present the rear wings, which combined with wide tires give the impression of a fireball always ready to fight.
They have put a large 19 inch rim wheel near the S-22’s. So was born a new byword for tuning – big wheels swallow small rim. It’s the MBM is probably one of the few limousine where you can drink a glass of champagne while you’re racing with a Lamborghini. And you get bored in the car like that. It has plenty of monitors and speakers. You can listen to Bach for a bohemian walk or to move quickly to Tupac when challenges you to stop any coupe.
Multimedia system comes with “all” even from the factory: 14 speakers with 600 W at your disposal, a subwoofer, a Head unit mp3/dvd/divx and three LCD monitors, one in the center console and two in the headrests.

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