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MEC Design, German tuner set in Berlin, returns with a new creation in characteristic style. And when we say this, we mean that CL‘s and received the same changes as CLS & S-class models. However, we need a little clarification: The luxury coupe is more impressive because of the style “stealth” adopted by the tuner.
But let’s return to the list of changes and start the new body kit. In the front we have a new front grille and a spoiler that can be equipped with fog lights or place inserts while back we find a spoiler with the speaker included (elegant or sports) but a spoiler for the trunk.

Mercedes CL by MEC Design

Also, the model we received side sills that can be equipped with LEDs. Final score is on the new wheels that measures 10.5×22 front, 11.5×22 rear respectively. And nights when you try to go unnoticed, CL will make your breath still felt because the new exhaust system with four exhaust drums.

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