Kate Middleton Audi

Last Ride from Momma’s Home

The whole world is counting every second now and it is just few hours. Photographers have covered every area from all the angles and it would be very rare to skip a single moment out of the lens.

Kate Middleton Audi

Yes, Kate Middleton is just reported to have left her mom’s house to reach the hotel from where her journey to a royal life will begin. Kate was spotted on a Audi A3.

Kate Middleton Audi

What is different this time, this driving enthusiast would-be ‘Princess Catherine’ was not on the driver’s seat? She loves to drive, but today, she is sitting on the back and as usual with a lovely smile on her face. She keeps enjoying as the moments are passing by to add to her regality. Kate and William, we wish you all the best, happy kisses!!!
Source: celebritycarsblog.com

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