If you are an avid football fan, you will already know that Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus were among those to win their respective football division in the 2014/15 season.

However, Van Monster has created an alternative football league to work out which vehicle manufacturer would be on top if they controlled the teams that they sponsor or partner with.

Many of the top European football teams are associated with a vehicle manufacturer. The question is, which of these brands would be flying high if they also managed the clubs that they have invested in?

In Van Monster’s latest infographic, the top four clubs of 13 elite European football leagues were analysed and manufacturers received points depending on where their teams finished in the 2014/15 campaign:

  • If a team finished 1st, the manufacturer scored 5 points
  • If a team finished 2nd, the manufacturer scored 3 points
  • If a team finished 3rd, the manufacturer scored 2 points
  • If a team finished 4th, the manufacturer scored 1 point

Once all of the points were tallied up, the inaugural Van Monster Vehicle Manufacturer Euro Football League took shape. See if your favourite motoring brand made the cut…