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There are always so many things to consider when looking at buying a new car – from practicality to efficiency right across to colour and design. When your car is your career, the criteria you need to meet increases. There are lots of taxis for sale in the market so make sure you’re clear on the specification and extras you want. Follow this advice when looking at purchasing a new car:

New vs Used

One of the key factors to look at – new vs used. The thrill of buying a new car is beyond exciting, but is it always practical? Knowing you’re the first driver of your car and that you can choose all the extra’s you want is brilliant, but the money you could save when buying a used car as an alternative could be handy.

A used car could be better value, and it could give you the chance to upgrade to a better option than you originally thought your budget could stretch to – a great way of getting more for your money. However, be sure to weigh out the reliability and extra safety features of a new car up against the accessibility of cheaper used cars to give you the best option.


Comfort is key when looking at getting a new vehicle. Not only will you be sat in the vehicle for long periods of time, but you will also have others in your car, sometimes more than four people. Space needs to be thought about – you don’t want to be feeling cramped in your car against passengers. If you’re planning on making airport runs – space for luggage is a necessity.


Running costs and efficiency have to cross your mind when looking for a new car. This is a major consideration for anybody looking at purchasing – but even more so for a taxi driver as you don’t want to be making several trips to the petrol station in a day. Think about the different options you have available and compare them against each other to give you the most practical solution.

As well as wanting the best car for yourself, you also need to think about your customers. Spend some time looking around and searching for the best option. Follow the advice in this article, and bare these points in mind when looking at making a new purchase.