How to Preserve a Car’s Value: Maintenance How-To

If you want to sell your car someday, it matters how you maintain it along the way. This is also beneficial to your own safety. Good practises enable you to make the most when you eventually get rid of your car. The better it works and looks, the higher its reselling value. The following are the best maintenance tips for any vehicle, which ensure that it will make a good impression.


  1. Using parts that are brand recommended

What the manufacturer recommends can actually be the best solution when it comes to changing or replacing parts. It’s in their interest, after all, to make their cars reliable. Thus, they can tell you what works best.

  1. Keep an eye on what’s easily worn out

In any car, some parts will get more easily damaged than the others. These will require to be replaced more often. Identify the soft parts and pay attention to their wear and tear degree; change them when they show signs of wear. If you fail to do so, this may get to cause harm to car parts that are more difficult to deal with (and more expensive, too).

  1. Checking the fluids

You must schedule fluid checks regularly and also ensure proper lubrication to moving parts. The long term effect will be worth it. Pay attention to the brake fluid and only go for the right kind. The same goes with the grease. As for the oil, don’t just purchase the best type and think this is sufficient. It won’t help unless you’re changing it frequently, at regular intervals.

  1. Mind the aspect

Your car must look food both on the outside as well as on the inside. All the finish materials are important and require maintenance (washing, dusting etc.). Do not employ corrosive cleaning substances, they can deteriorate certain surfaces. A wax later may be necessary in order to preserve the materials. In addition, do not leave your vehicle out in the sun or rain, since this will take its toll.

  1. Cooling systems maintenance

If you refresh the cooling system once a year, it’s great. Mind the solution, too. Ideally, it’s half distilled water and half coolant. This is the rule that prevents any build up or the dreaded corrosive effect.

  1. Tire pressure is important

With adequate tire gauges you can check the tire pressure as well as the alignment. When these aspects are not in check, the tires wear out with ease. In consequence, it lowers the fuel consumption, too.

  1. Do more to avoid corrosion

Corrosion can occur to so many parts, so easily. First of all, you should be careful where you park your car. Exposing it to water, wind and heat can cause serious damage over time. Another danger is represented by bird droppings, which have high acidity and can ruin the paint.

When people ask “How to sell my car for the maximum amount of money?”, dealers look at the level of maintenance. It’s easy to see when a car hasn’t been taken care of. This isn’t only about its aspect, but also about performance.

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