How To Identify Dishonest Car Mechanics

May 6, 2018 dana 0 Comment


Whenever you take your car to a mechanic what will happen next will be based on trust. You most likely do not know much about cars so what the mechanic tells you needs to be trusted as being reality. The problem is there are many car mechanics that are not honest. Finding someone that is really good is sometimes much more complicated than it should be.

In order to help you identify the dishonest mechanics, let’s take a look at some clear red flags that you should be worried. If you notice them, it is a smart idea to also talk with another car mechanic to get a second opinion.


The Mechanic Tries To Scare You

Every single time something seems like a tragedy there is most likely a serious problem. Many dishonest car mechanics use scare tactics in order to get you to do a repair or to actually discourage you from driving away. As you see this, it is usually a good idea to do exactly that, especially since you drove the car to the shop. Since it got you there, it will most likely get you to the next auto repair shop without extra problems.

Always Look For Certifications

Car mechanic certifications are incredibly important and most people never ask to see them. All honest mechanics are certified and have proper licenses. For instance, if you look for wheel alignment services in Lakewood, Arvada & Westminster, the honest shops will proudly display their certificates in an area that is visible. Obviously, some may be certified and not display it. That is why you should always ask. When no certification can be presented, drive away fast as huge problems are bound to follow.

Ask Questions

People are sometimes afraid to ask questions even if they know this is what should be done. With car mechanics it is completely normal to ask about business experience, alternate recommendations and equipment. The mechanic that tells you they do not need to use fancy equipment has to be avoided. Reputable mechanics will always have answers to all the questions you might have. Also, when you ask many questions and you notice that the mechanic is dodgy with the answers, you want to get that important second opinion.

Put Everything In Writing

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to sign blank work authorization forms. The work that is going to be done should be written down. You have to always receive written estimates before mechanics start working on your vehicle. In addition, be sure that you ask questions about offered warranty. Decent mechanics always guarantee the work done and they never tell you that they cannot say how much they are going to charge without clearly explaining why that is the case (like when a part needs to be ordered from the manufacturer).

Ask To Receive Old Parts Back

When a part is replaced, be sure you get back the one that was replaced. This does seem like an odd request but it guarantees the parts actually had to be replaced and that they were changed.