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All motorists want their car to last as long as possible. The truth is, it is not only in your own interests to look after your car properly. It is also a matter of public safety. Looking after your car means that you are much less likely to cause any injury to yourself or anyone else. But it is not just about looking after your car. Most motorists also want to make their car last as long as possible. There is nothing worse than having to get rid of your car too early due to poor performance. The good news is that it is perfectly avoidable, as long as you follow certain steps. Most people, unfortunately, do not follow those steps. The result then is that the car does not last as long as it could. This is a real shame, as there is no reason not to take the actions necessary to ensure a long-lasting vehicle. If you are wondering how to make your car last as long as possible, then read on. Here are some top tips from the experts on extending the life of your car – regardless of the make or model.

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Avoid Unnecessary Journeys

This first one might sound obvious, but it is so often overlooked. The fact is, there are so many wasted car journeys in the world today – it is a bit of a travesty. If you want to make your car last as long as possible, then this first step is key. That’s right – drive it less. In other words, only drive your car when necessary. This is far and away the quickest and most efficient way of extending the life of your car. If you are someone who finds yourself prone to going for a drive just for the sake of it, then you might need to rethink. Doing so might be fun, but in reality, you are just needlessly adding miles to the clock. What’s more, you are gradually wearing your car down in the process. If you want your car to last a long time, only drive it when necessary. Even reliable cars like the Fiat 500 will start to depreciate from overuse.

Keep On Top Of The Essentials

Too many drivers don’t bother with some of the essential elements of looking after a car. It is no wonder that so many cars don’t last their expected lifespan! If you want your car to go the whole length of its life, then keep on top of all those essentials. Primary among them are the checking of the fluids, and the oil and water. You should, in an ideal world, check the oil and water once every six weeks – at least. If you want it to last longer, you can check it even more regularly. You should also remember to keep an eye on the tyre pressure. These are the main reasons for having to get a car taken into the garage, so avoid them if possible.

Get Frequent Services

Finally, one of the best ways to keep your car running smoothly is to get it serviced. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that servicing is a waste of money. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Getting your car serviced at regular intervals is a guaranteed way of increasing its life. More to the point, if you spend the marginal amount of money on servicing, you are less likely to have to spend much more on the mechanic. This is a decision that every motorist should make. Get your car serviced at least once a year – it will be grateful, and you will notice the difference.