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Here at carztune, we appreciate powerful cars, tuning models and we love to test cars at their real performance. So, we don’t want to have any trouble with police and their radar.

How to escape from Police Radar

That’s why we’ve been interested in products that can help us blocking the photo radar.
We have found this great PhotoBlocker license plate (remote controlled, motorized) that can easily, in 2 sec help you to escape from police radar.

How to escape from Police Radar

How to escape from Police Radar

The product stops and block photo radar, stop red light camera tickets, block speed traps and stop toll tickets. The remote control button instantly cover your plates and two high speed electric motors power a fast sliding shield in 2 seconds.

How to escape from Police Radar

This PhotoBlocker is discrete, hidden and too easy to install and use for any type of cars.

In the package you will find front and rear plate blockers, remote control, led indicator that tells you which plates are covered or uncovered and wiring.

You can buy the PhotoBlocker License Plates (European Size) [Remote Controlled, Motorized]

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