How to Choose the Perfect Car to Modify

Ever since some of the first Ford automobiles were being released in their hundreds, drivers have been customising their vehicles. Whether it’s just to make it look good or to improve its performance on the road, there are all sorts of ways you can modify your car.

Advancements in technology mean that there are now many more ways that a car can be customised too. It is important that you pick the right car for the modifications you want to make, as some are easier and more popular to play around with than others. Here’s a brief guide to choosing the best car to modify.

2012 Ford Focus Electric

The Engine

The majority of people looking to modify a car will want to increase its power and performance, which happens by making some fine adjustments in the engine department. Seeking a car that already has a V8 motor is a great start, such as an Audi R8 or Chevrolet Camaro. Those with a larger budget may seek out a Nissan GT-R or more exclusive vehicle.

Older cars are more popular with a lot of petrol heads, as a lot of more modern engines include a lot more technology that is harder to modify. Certain cars are better if you want to tune it up for a specific purpose as well, whether for rally driving, drag or road racing.

Exhaust pipes and the exhaust system are another area that often gets modified. Check the rear shape and size of the car you want to modify to ensure a chunky exhaust can be fitted. There have been many instances of cars having ill fitted exhausts that have caused more damage than they’re worth.

Alpina BMW B3 S Bi-Turbo_3

Body Modifications

After the engine and car’s performance, the next thing most people want to modify is their car’s appearance. This could be adding a boy racer spoiler to the back, installing tinted windows or undertaking a paint job. Car lovers usually like to get more experimental with older models, as if anything goes wrong they won’t have damaged an expensive vehicle.

Plus, adding spoilers and under car neon lights are often popular with younger drivers, who cannot afford the latest Porsche 911. BMW 1 Series, Nissan Micras, Volkswagen Golfs and many more affordable cars are good choices. With so many of these on the road, customising them so it stands out is an appealing choice for many.

Car Interior

While you will want your customised car to look good on the outside, drivers spend the majority of their time inside it. Therefore modifying the interior is a must to complete the job. Everything from the dashboard to seats can be tailored to suit your style, creating a comfortable and attractive environment for you and your passengers.

Many top of the range, brand new cars all come with classy interiors already which require little modification, such as any fresh Audi or BMW. It is the older models that usually need upgrading, with a digital radio, air conditioning and leather lining for the seats. In the majority of cases, choosing a used car is best if you want to have fun and modify it.