How Do The Smartest Motorcyclists Protect Their Bikes, Finances & Selves On The Road?

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Owning a motorcycle is a very attractive prospect that most road users have considered at least once in their lives. In truth, it’s a more accessible idea than ever too. Whether it’s the main vehicle or a second one, though, it’s imperative that it is given the same level of attention as a car.

It’s possible to learn a lot by taking notes from the most sensible riders out there. So let’s take a closer look at the habits they tend to share.

#1. They Buy The Right Motorbike

Even car drivers can appreciate the importance of choosing the best model for their specific needs. But the subtle differences between different bikes can bring huge impacts to the comfort, handling, and safety. Therefore, going the extra mile to make the perfect purchase is essential.

This list of most frequently purchased bike models should point any new rider in the right direction. However, different motorbikes will have varying preferences on weights and dimensions. In truth, the only way to find the perfect ride is to take a test ride.

The choice between new and used isn’t overly important. When taking the latter, though, learning more about the history of the bike is something that any smart rider will do.

#2. They Search For The Best Deals

Generally speaking, a bike will be cheaper than a comparative car. Nonetheless, buying a motorcycle is still a major life purchase. Therefore, haggling for the best possible deal should be a key item on every owner’s agenda. Likewise, the smartest riders also take the time to research leasing options. Frankly, increased knowledge can only ever lead to a more educated decision.

The need for careful consideration doesn’t end with the bike purchase, however. Insurance costs can have a telling influence on the overall riding expense. Price comparison sites are a key weapon in any biker’s arsenal and can generate a three-figure saving every single year.


Getting better deals and coverage is a crucial step to protecting a rider’s bank balance as well as their motorcycle.

#3. They Check & Maintain The Bike’s Health

Finding the perfect bike offers a great foundation, and there’s no greater feeling than leaving the dealership on a new purchase. In reality, the key to long-term safety and enjoyment lies with the ability to keep a bike in great health. All bikes will encounter wear and tear, but ignoring those issues could lead to major problems. Fast action is essential.

The smartest riders acquire positive habits from day one, and this includes checking seven key areas before every ride. Most importantly, the rider should be vigilant for the early signs of problems with brakes and other pivotal elements. Whether attending to those problems personally or sending the bike for repair doesn’t matter. Preventing those issues from snowballing could save money, hassle, and lives.

Regular servicing is still a vital aspect too, even for riders with a good working knowledge of the motor repair game.

#4. They Wear The Right Attire

Keeping the bike in great health is one thing, but human safety should always be the priority. For motorcycle riders, the choice of clothing and attire is as important as protecting the bike itself. After all, unlike car drivers, there is nothing to cushion those falls.

A suitable helmet should be the first item on any biker’s shopping list. However, it’s equally important to buy protective and comfortable leathers. Aside from aiding the biker’s safety, this step can go a long way to enhancing the enjoyment. After all, looking the part will instantly make any rider feel the part too.

In many territories, riding without the necessary clothing is illegal too. So, as well as protecting health, it may also protect the license.


#5. They Prepare For The Worst

The road safety statistics show that riding a bike can be dangerous. Unfortunately, no rider can consider themselves immune to accidents either. One mistake, even by another road user, could result in a crash. While it’s not something anyone wants to think about too often, the smartest riders are at least prepared.

Bikes that boast storage space under the seat can benefit from having a basic first aid kit. In the aftermath of an accident, health is the first thing to consider. All riders should carry a phone with charge, ready to call emergency services. Meanwhile, quick access to a roadside recovery service and a motorcycle accident lawyer is beneficial. Most importantly, though, responsible riders should know how to act.

Removing the sense of confusion can make those moments far less scary. In turn, that can enable the rider to find the best solution far sooner too.

#6. They Consider Security & Protection

Suitable insurances will go a long way to providing emotional and financial protection. Nonetheless, no rider wants to face the emotional stress of having a bike stolen or vandalized. In many ways, considering those external threats is the greatest hallmark of any responsible person.

Keeping the bike locked in a garage or private car park naturally has huge advantages. Meanwhile, tracking devices and CCTV can have a positive influence. If nothing else, a dust jacket can help the bike avoid scratches and weather damage.

It might add a few minutes to a rider’s day, but it could protect their prized asset. That has to be considered a smart trade in anyone’s book.

#7. They Ride Safely


Perhaps most importantly, all motorcyclists should appreciate the need to use the road in an appropriate manner. Being able to get from A to B in a quicker time due to no traffic is one of the best things about riding a bike. However, that cannot be used as an excuse to ride recklessly. Leave the exciting stuff for track days.

Securing the generic motorcycle license is a necessary step en route to riding a bike. However, given the considerable dangers, it pays to take advanced riding courses. Even this education cannot prevent all accidents. Nonetheless, a more accomplished rider will see a huge reduction. This can only be a positive feature for the body as well as the bank balance.

Essentially, the best riders never take things for granted. If nothing else, riding safely can increase the lifespan of the bike.