Honda Insight by Exclusive Zeus


When it comes to cars thundering, new model Honda Insight is one of the models that sure do not think. Now really. Why do you change a hybrid? And yet, there are tuners who dare to do this step. For example, Exclusive Zeus.
Japanese Company put up a package with aesthetic changes including a front grille painted in black, spoiler extension to front, side and thresholds for an extension to the rear spoiler plus a speaker. All these were combined with a new set of wheels and a suspension in May (very) low … Now after you “admire” this model, you will think about Honda Insight when it comes to a thunderous car?

Honda Insight by Exclusive Zeus

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  1. cavaleiro says:

    hi my name is cavaleiro and i have a honda insight . i would like to know how can i find this package and how much that will cost i searched on the net but i couldnt find the zeus home page .
    thanks for your time and help

    Marco Cavaleiro

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