Hamann is not only a BMW tuner and shows us that by launching a tuning program for Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed.
Called Imperator, new creation of German tuner comes with a number of changes at both aesthetically and technically. On the outside, the coupe received a British new body kit consists of us Spoil side and rear extensions and air wings, LEDs, and lateral thresholds aileron for a trunk. Also, Imperator will notice the new wheels and, on 21 or 22 inches.

Hamann Imperator

Of course, the interior was also changed and now enjoy new carpet, sport steering wheel, pedals, aluminum inserts and carbon fiber. As technical amendments, noted that the suspension guard ground down to 30 mm to 20 mm in the rear, new exhaust system and ECU improved models now having not less than 630 horsepower and 750 Nm (Bentley Continental GT), respectively 650 hp and 830 Nm (Bentley Continental GT Speed).

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