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So, you’re thinking about going on a road trip in new lands? You’re probably raring to go. But it’s simply not a very smart idea to get out there and go on a long road trip without thinking things through and getting your ride prepared. Yes, there should be a sense of spontaneity in your trip. But the preliminaries are important – they’ll help ensure that you keep functionality and freedom when you’re out there!

Go through all of these steps to make sure your car is prepared for the long trip.

Safety inspection

You need to get your car thoroughly inspected before you hit the road. You could be coming across a wide variety of terrain. When you’re driving quite far away from home, you need to ensure your car is up to the task. And that means getting pretty much everything checked and fine-tuned before you leave!



Any good auto repair shop should be able to assist you with these steps. In fact, this is a good way of ensuring that the job is done correctly. Because you’re going to want to ensure that the tires and the brakes are in perfect condition. You’ll want to make sure the engine is free of faults and that your oil and coolant levels are correct. It’s an involved process, but you shouldn’t head on the trip without going through as much as possible!

Preparing for the worst

The last thing you want to happen on your road trip is for your car to break down. After all, it’s likely you’re going to end up in some unfamiliar areas. Indeed, you could end up quite far away from any amenities such as grocery stores, auto repair shops, or gas stations. That’s why, if something does happen, you need to be prepared.



You need to consider some emergency repair measures. At least one spare tire should be with you at all times. Don’t be tempted to skip out on the spare tire just so you can fit in some more ‘fun’ stuff! Documents useful in emergencies should also be taken. You car’s warranty, as well as insurance and contact information for your emergency car care service, should come with you. Spare car keys are also recommended, as is spare fuel.

Other essential additions

Anything that will help you with comfort is going to be essential. You may find yourself having to catch some shuteye while you’re out there! Blankets and warm clothing, even if you’re in a hot destination, are a must. Drinking water, snacks, and medication is also going to be popular additions to your road trip inventory.



You’ll also want to take items that will help you get around. Consider getting both GPS items and paper maps. Books and handheld game consoles may help pass the time for those who aren’t driving, though one could argue that they should be taking in the scenery! And last but certainly not least is a facility that will allow you to play music. Be it CDs, iPods, Bluetooth, or even old-school cassettes, you should be able to listen to your ultimate road trip playlist as you travel!