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German tuner Edo Competition plays with “heavy metals”, as we already used, presenting a new concept after Ferrari Enzo FXX Evoluzione.
What justifies this name, however pretentious and pompous “FXX“?!? How simple is answering the question: 840 hp and 780 Nm “squeezed” a 6.3-L engine – the 6.0L version of the Enzo, improved.
When I say “improved” I mean more internal change, such as we find axes cam, titanium valve springs, cylinder and an exhaust system increased.

Enzo Ferrari converted into FXX Evoluzione by Edo Competition

All registration and the performance of Chapter 3.2 seconds needed to reach speeds of 100 km / h and the maximum of “only” 390 km / h.
Among the improvements, Edo Competition has checked and very good times to change gears – 60 milliseconds (compared to an F1 car that record 40 milliseconds).
New Enzo FXX is equipped with wheels 19 “/ 20” front – back and an aerodynamic kit designed specifically for this model.

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