It comes as no surprise to anyone that gas is expensive. Going for a ride is no longer fun when you know you have to pay the big bucks to fuel your car. And since summer is already here and we have to begin thinking about vacation, it’s impossible not to take into account the budget allocated to vacations or road trips.

National holidays are also a reason for people to get on the road and travel to different locations. For example, 4th of July is the day when many Americans travel for their holiday week. Studies say that they travel more than 50 miles from home so learning how to save some gas comes in handy.

Staying one step ahead can be done if you learn some simple tricks on how to save gas this summer. Read and learn!

5 Ways to Save Gas This Summer

1. Warm up – it is important to warm up the engine in order to get better fuel economy. This is why you should organize your trips by placing the farthest point on the top of the list. For instance, if you have to run errands and have to stop in three different places, go to the farthest one first, then return home. Once you’ve managed to warm-up the engine and bring it to a certain temperature it will be easier to economize gas.

2. Plan your trips – according to Chris Faulkner from Breitling Oil and Gas, it would be wiser to fill your car’s tank on Wednesday or Thursday before 10:00 a.m. Afterwards, the prices change in anticipation of the weekend traveling. So if it’s possible come up with a routine and save the visits to the gas station during the weekend for emergencies only.

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3. Make a right – apparently, if you make as many right turns as possible while driving the city you will save gas. FedEx does it and although they sometimes take the longer route, they save more gas. Even the guys from Myth Busters proved the efficiency of this trick. So to the right, to the right ladies and gentlemen!

4. Closed windows and turn the AC on – most people turn off the AC and leave the windows opened in summer. It’s not wrong but getting your windows closed and turning the AC on might also work. An experiment performed in this field proved that driving at 55 mph with the AC on the car consumes 24 mpg, while with the AC off the consumption rises to 28 mpg. Opening all the windows led to losing 1 mpg per window returning to 24 mpg. The conclusion: lower than 55 mph, the windows can be opened and the AC left off. However, if you want to go higher than 60 mph, keep the windows closed and turn on the AC. This way you will use less gas!

5. Coasting downhill in gear – we all know about the practice of leaving the car in neutral when going downhill. This idea is not only bad but also a bit illegal in some states. When you keep the car in neutral you don’t have the possibility to accelerate in case something happens. Not to mention that if you have to use the break to stop from gaining speed you might overheat the breaks and diminish their effectiveness. But what does this have to do with fuel efficiency? Well when the car is in gear, the injectors shut off automatically and the rotating tires of the car keep the accessories running. This means that no fuel is consumed while the vehicle is going downhill.