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Driverless Cars Soon To Be Trialled On Main Roads!

Driverless cars have been in talks for a while, and yet nobody has seen any real evidence that they’re coming to fruition in the near future. Until now! Driverless cars are soon to be tested on our main roads – so try not to freak out when you see a car like this on your city streets. Fleets of these cars are soon to be tested in cities like Milton Keynes and Coventry.

Once tests are complete, this could mean that the connected technology being tested could go into production as early as 2019. Driverless cars should be safer and more connected to one another, anticipating things like traffic light changes and stopping city congestion.

Here’s an idea of some of the vehicle elements in development:

  • Emergency vehicle warnings that will tell drivers when an emergency vehicle is coming and in what direction.
  • Intersection collision warnings.
  • Technology that will tell cars and drivers about speed limit changes and temporary lane closures.
  • Optimal speed advisory technology for green lights. This will minimise the number of red light stops, improve traffic flow, and reduce emissions.

Pretty soon, we’re all going to be sitting in cars, waiting to arrive at our destination while the vehicle does all of the hard work. This has the potential to be far safer, and even more friendly to the environment. How far have cars come in recent years?! You can see the history of economical car engines in the following infographic. We’ve come a very long way since the electric carriage!

Credit to All Car Leasing

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