Dacia Duster ICE and Alain Prost

Yes, the title is real and Alain Prost is ready to drive the newest model from Dacia Duster, called ICE.

Dacia Duster ICE

Alain Prost is well-known ex-F1 pilot and he will race this once again (this year) on ice-track for the Andros Trophy.
He raced last year to promote the car, which wasn’t for buyers back-then and he loved driving it and was wining 3 races, finishing the competition on second place. Maybe, this year he’ll be Number 1.

Dacia Duster ICE

This year’s Dacia Duster, called ICE received few improvements, making it faster.

Dacia Duster ICE

The engine is the same 3l, V6 that produces 350 hp at 360 Nm of torque; this is coupled by a 6 speeds sequential gearbox.
Good luck Alain Prost with your new Dacia Duster ICE race car!

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