When shopping for a car, most people will look at the price tag, and if they are financing the car, the interest rate and the monthly payments that they will need to make. However, the cost of ownership is critical to consider before you buy a car. The following are only three factors in the cost of operating your new vehicle you must consider.

The cost of fuel
Although an obvious factor in the cost of ownership, you need to actually make the calculation of how much money you will be spending on gas. The miles-per-gallon figures are provided by every car dealer. You simply need to estimate how many miles you will be driving and divide this number by the mpg figure for the car you are considering, and then multiply by a typical price for a gallon of gas in your area. You will know how much it will cost you to fuel your car.

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Car Insurance
This is an expense that is so significant for the cost of owning your auto that everyone should get quotes for a policy on any make and model they are considering buying. If you are buying a new car, you will want to get full coverage. You may discover quickly that certain models of cars that you may be able to afford to buy, may turn out to be too expensive to operate. Insurance costs are going to be a factor every month you drive your car, and a policy must be factored into your purchase.

Maintenance costs
If you are considering a low cost, compact car, the cost of ownership may be high compared to the low sticker price to buy one new. Small, low priced cars often have odd part sizes. One example would be a small, odd size tire or battery that is more expensive than larger components in more popular models. Also, what can be expensive in parts can also be expensive in acquiring them. A local auto parts store may not carry stock on the basic items you need when you need them. You may need to order them, and it may take a few days for the part to arrive. This, of course, will cost you your time, but time is money. Make sure to do research on basic replacement parts for the vehicles you are thinking about purchasing.

When looking at the cost of ownership for new cars, there are certain makes and models that will stand out. One example of this is the Toyota corolla cost of ownership.