Chrome Bugatti Veyron

September 2, 2013 dana 2 Comments

To be or not to be … chromate. This is the question.
Although the Bugatti Veyron is one of the most exclusive models in the world – particularly because the purchase price – the original owner wanted to be more exclusive, is the only thing that explain what the hell a car dressed in such a color … What is next to see?

Chrome Bugatti Veyron

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2 thoughts on “Chrome Bugatti Veyron”

  1. Llawnroc says:

    Not bad …but the Ferrari 599 looks a lot better in chrome!!
    But hey…theirs nothing better than Aston Martin anyway!!!! It´s breath taking design combines sport and class like no other. Every Englishmen should have one for his 21st birthday… Before the wall fell in DDR in ´89 each family were given a car by the goverment.. okay it was only a “trabant” but the idea was great!! :O))

  2. Chrome Wheels says:

    who would have thought? :p Added a subscription to your RSS feed. Was searching for “chrome wheels” when I found “Bugatti Veyron | CarzTune. Car tuning.”. Yeah, very true.

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